5 Personal Success Strategies for Online Learning

“Say yes to something so completely that all other options are eliminated–including things that aren’t necessarily bad in themselves but that would distract you from pursuing the thing that is most important and valuable to you.”

I am excited to be returning to school. It has been a long time in coming. Over the past four years I worked very diligently to build my “one thing”, a marriage enrichment website, www.spousedates.com.  I have taken numerous online courses related to writing, blogging, building a website, and marriage.  I even wrote and self published a book through the process called Build a Better Marriage [ One Date at a Time ].

I will take the time and effort that had been focused on that, along with the lessons learned, and transfer them to my nursing program. Pursuing my Master of Science in Nursing at Indiana Wesleyan University has now become my “one thing”.

Boy Looking at Insects with Magnifying Glass


The following is my short plan on how to successfully return to school and still continue to function in all my required roles in my work and home. Whether building a website, writing a book or obtaining a graduate degree, I believe the following five ideas are hugely important. The supporting bullet points each reinforce the ideas and come from the article, 100 ways to overcome stress (2016).

1.  Block the time – Establish consistent chunks of time to attend to school work. Maintain routine study times.

Do one thing at a time.

Learn to say no and really mean it.

2.  Make a schedule – Preview coursework and mark due dates, especially for big assignments, put them on a master calendar along with the rest of life’s important stuff. Prioritize what matters most.

Eliminate unnecessary commitments.

Be realistic with the demands you put on yourself.

3.  Establish my workspace – Conscientiously set up my study environment, both physically and virtually, in such a way to allow me to focus as needed. Eliminate distractions.

Lighten your material load. More stuff = more stress!

Practice unplugging from the electronic world.

4.  Be adaptable – Remain flexible and open minded as I navigate the coursework. Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken.

Stop being a perfectionist and move on.

Let go of trying to control every

5.  Stay healthy – Maintain good exercise, sleep and eating routines.

Exercise every single day!

Eat for nourishment not for comfort.



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